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IndyWeek - Napoli Pizza’s Roving Truck Slings the Best Pies in the Triangle

October 5th 2016 - by David Ross


Napoli strictly adheres to the guidelines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an organization founded in 1984 to preserve "the true Neapolitan pizza." VPN stipulates a wood-burning oven fired to at least 900 degrees and a cook time of less than ninety seconds. Flour must be "00." Tomatoes must be certified San Marzano. Flour, water, fresh yeast, and sea salt are the only permissible dough ingredients.

Thus self-handcuffed, Napoli produces intricately textural pies that are at once crispy, light, chewy, and oozy. The cornice is delicately puffed and evenly dotted with "leopard spots"—little pocks of char that indicate entirely correct heat and handling. Having recently eaten at Don Antonio, the New York branch of Naples's 115-year-old Pizzeria Starita, I can attest that Napoli's pies are no mere local "best of.

News & Observer - Napoli delivers taste of Italy in a truck

July 6th 2016 - by Matt Goad


The best way to judge a Neapolitan pizza business, Chatelain said, is to order the Margherita. Because it calls for only tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil and a few leaves of fresh basil, there is no way to mask inferior ingredients.

Fresh out of the oven, the crust is somehow both a bit spongy but still crispy, even with a slice folded in half.

Chatelain imports his meats from Europe and uses organic greens. His olive oil comes from Italy.


Gaorav Gupta of Carrboro and his family have made a Thursday-night tradition of stopping at Napoli after picking up the kids from daycare. They recently moved from New York, where they learned to love Neapolitan pizza. “When we first saw this truck in Carrboro, as first we didn’t know if it would be good, but once we tried it, it was wonderful,” Gupta said.

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